Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Humpday Listday: Things I'm Excited To Do When I Get Home

While we're loving D.C. and being 'away from it all' for a week, I'll admit I'm getting a little homesick. Here are some things I'm excited to do when I get home.

1. See my cat! Boarding her for a week has been difficult for me. The first night here, I cried a little because I missed her so much. Silly, I know.

2. Sleep in my own bed. The Residence Inn doesn't have the worst bed ever, but I really miss our bed. It's so soft and squishy and it has our fluffy pillows and our non-scratchy sheets.

3. Bake something. We have a kitchen in our hotel room, but there's no oven. I miss baking things. I'm pretty sure biscuits are first on the list.

4. Drink coffee out of the Pantone coffee mug I bought at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It's turquoise and I love it already.5. Sit at my computer for several hours. We have a laptop here, but all of my stuff is on the desktop at home. I haven't been following blogs very closely, and I really miss that. I feel like that's part of my normal routine and I haven't had that this week.

6. Not walk. I am excited to NOT walk for a while. I can't even begin to imagine how many miles we've walked this week.

7. Park near my destination. This goes along with NOT walking. I'd like to drive my car. And park near where I'm going. DC's Metro is great. It really is, but I'm a Georgia girl from a town whose only form of public transportation is the school bus. I want to park near my destination.

8. Craft. I haven't crafted since before we left. I have so many projects on my list and my fingers are just itching to get started.

That's it. I'm stopping at 8. I'm too tired and my feet hurt too much to do any more.

Happy Humpday.

D.C., Days 2 & 3

We've been going, going, going for a solid 5 days now so I've barely had a chance to check my email, much less post. I have 386 unread items in my Google Reader queue and somewhere around 500 pictures to go through. Here are some of the pictures I've gone through so far.

I'll post today's list a little later tonight. And more pictures from days 4 & 5 soon.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

D.C., Day 1

Helloooo. Well, our first day in D.C. has been mostly travel. By the time we got to D.C. and got checked into the hotel, it was already mid-afternoon and we were starving. We found a place right down the street from our hotel and ate, and then it started raining! Awesome. We eventually made it to Target to get a few things we left at home (shampoo, hairspray, etc.) and now we're in the hotel, eating dinner. So, this isn't a very interesting post. I barely took any pictures today.

From the plane:

From our hotel window:
We're staying in Alexandria. That tall building is the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. I'm not sure what that means, exactly, but it's right outside our window. But take a closer look!

Zoomed in, from our hotel window:

If you look really hard, you can see the Washington Monument, too. Exciting stuff.

I'm not sure what tomorrow's plan is just yet. We're here for 7 days, so we're in no rush. We'll see what the weather does tomorrow. For now, I'm going to prop my feet up.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Font Friday

Hello! I decided to throw up a few free fonts for you before Friday runs out. Click on each to go to where you can download... for FREE!

I think Lobster is my favorite.... or maybe Vanilla.

(All fonts found on

Joan Jett, E.T. and D.C.

I went to Goodwill on Wednesday and look what I found for $0.99!
And it plays perfectly! I've been keeping an eye out for this record for months now, not ever actually thinking I'd find it. And I had just been to Goodwill and looked through all the records late last week! The lesson here? Always check the records. Always.

Also in my awesome Goodwill haul this week was this gem:
It made me smile and I just couldn't leave it there even if it is a wee bit warped.

Tomorrow Chris and I are leaving bright and early for Washington D.C. for a week. We're excited to be getting out of Statesboro for a while. We've needed a vacation for a while. I'm planning to take lots of pictures and hoping to post at least a few times while we're gone.

Have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Humpday Listday: Random Facts

Today's list is poorly thought out and hastily put together. I apologize. Profusely.

10 Random Facts about me:

1. I am highly allergic to feathers. Most kinds. Definitely goose, chicken and duck down. It makes shopping for comforters and throw pillows absolute hell. And hotels. We always have to call hotels to make sure there aren't feather pillows. It's ridiculously inconvenient.

2. Every now and then, I loooove Brussels sprouts. It comes and goes, but sometimes, I just get a craving.

3. One of my secrets is in this book: My postcard is also on the back cover. And is one of the Amazon preview images. And I didn't know anything about it until I was reading the book in a store two and a half years after it came out. (Ask me which and I'll tell you, if you don't already know.)

4. I am 25 years old and have never been on an airplane. We rarely took big trips when I was a kid and when we did, we drove. An opportunity just never presented itself. This Saturday, Chris and I are leaving for Washington, D.C. for a week... we're flying.

5. I like to make a game out of figuring out which celebrity's voice is in a commercial. I'm pretty good at it.
Droid = James VanDerBeek
Bank of America = Keifer Sutherland
Lowes = Gene Hackman
AIG = Stockard Channing
State Farm = Patrick Dempsey

6. Once upon a time, I was a huge band geek. I played tenor saxophone (not very well, but I tried) and was Drum Major my senior year. Most of my high school memories are shaped around football games and band practice.
From my senior year. I'm in the front, next to the majorette. Gooooo Tigers!

7. My favorite cake is a tie between Red Velvet (Granny's Red Velvet at Christmas is the best) and my Aunt Kathie's birthday cake. She makes the best birthday cakes. They taste just like a birthday cake should.

8. Most days, my "Not a Paper Cup" is filled with water instead of tea or coffee.

9. I really am a huge geek. I have seen every single episode of Stargate SG-1. And Stargate Atlantis. Don't judge me.
10. My sole reason for wanting to learn how to knit is so that I can knit some socks for a very special someone who loves socks. But at this rate, We'll be in our 80's by the time it actually happens.

Aaaaand that's my list! Next week, we'll be on vacation in D.C. so my list will probably be themed!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello Bob!

Today, I got a haircut and came home with a bag of my hair. I didn't realize it when I went in, but I was cutting off over 10 inches, so I decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love.

Gooodbye, long curly hair. Hello short bob! I don't think my hair has been this short since I was about 9 years old and had "the mushroom" cut (hey, it was '93... it was slightly less lame back then).

Also, it's kinda creepy to be holding your hair when it isn't attached to your head... just a thought.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Smilebooth Video

There's video from the Smilebooth at Callie & Robert's wedding. Hilarious. Thought you'd enjoy.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Humpday Listday: 10 Celebrities I Inexplicably Dislike

Happy Humpday!

10 Celebrities I Inexplicably Dislike:

There is no real tangible reason to dislike these people, I just do. I call it "irrational celebrity hatred."

1. Denzel Washington. Okay, Remember the Titans was good... but I still don't like him.

2. Russell Crowe. It kills me that he's playing Robin Hood. The man is 46 years old. Ridiculous.

3. Scarlett Johansson. I just don't see the appeal. She is very unconventionally beautiful, but I just don't "get" it. Only redeeming quality? Her album with Pete Yorn, which is amazing.

4. Colin Farrell. I don't see how anybody could like him at this point.

5. Cameron Diaz. That laugh. Uggghhh... makes me want to pull my hair out.

6. Miley Cyrus. What is wrong with her voice? Are her teeth too big for her mouth? Or is it her tongue? I can't figure out what it is. It isn't a lisp exactly... Whatever it is, it annoys the crap outta me!

7. Jennifer Garner. I just can't get on board that train. No sir. Not a fan.

8. Renee Zellweger. If her eyes were any more squinty, she would be blind.

9. Jerry Seinfeld. I just don't care for him, I guess. He seems perfectly nice, but I just don't think he's for me. I was never really a Seinfeld fan.

10. Dane Cook. That man is NOT funny.

Bonus: Nickelback. A band isn't a celebrity, but I hate them anyway. With a burning fiery passion.

Next week, I promise to post a happier list.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fine Cell Work

Today I love.... Fine Cell Work.

From their website:
Fine Cell Work is a social enterprise that teaches needlework to prison inmates and sells their products. The prisoners do the work when they are locked in their cells, and the earnings give them hope, skills and independence.
The textiles these inmates create are amazingly beautiful. They spend their days doing this, and the quality of the work is superb. Here are a few of my favorites:

The ship is my very favorite, but they're all so beautiful.

Be back mid-morning (hopefully) for Humpday Listday!

Smilebooth: Callie and Robert Get Hitched

I didn't take my camera to Callie & Robert's wedding. I tend to get very engrossed in taking pictures and forget to enjoy myself. Therefore, I have no pictures of the girls getting ready, the cake, the ceremony, or any of that other nonsense. But thanks to the Smilebooth, I have plenty of pictures to remember the wedding by. And also to blackmail people with.

Here's a sample of the more appropriate ones, and please keep in mind that there was an open bar.....

We really do love them.

This took about 15 shots to get right.

Super happy thumbs up!


Since Kristen and I were both bridesmaids, Alissa and Chris came together so they wouldn't be lonely. We thought we'd clear up the confusion.

OMG. We totes got cake.

Bridesmaids, plus.

Anybody else ever notice how the abbreviation for 'bridesmaid' is BM? We certainly noticed.


At the time, we thought doing the robot was a really good idea.

Model face.

And the happy couple, Callie & Robert!

I'm a bit biased towards my own, but other than that, it was without a doubt the best wedding I've ever been to. Probably that's ever been had. Congratulations, Callie & Robert!

Monday, May 10, 2010


*Note: I wrote this post and meant for it to auto-post Friday, but I clicked "save" instead of "publish" so, here it is. I also meant for it to have pictures, but we ate the quiche up before I could get it done... oops. Enjoy anyway.

I love quiche. I mean, what's not to love, right? It's like breakfast pie. My Mom loves quiche, too. Maybe that's where I got it. Chris and I had quiche for dinner twice last week... and we had plenty of leftovers. The greatest thing about quiche is that you can really add anything to it. Meats, cheese, veggies.... anything your quiche-lovin' heart desires!

Here's my recipe for über-tasty, super-simple, really-bad-for-you quiche...

You'll need:
  • a quiche pan (a 9" pie pan works in a pinch)
  • a pre-made pie crust. They usually come in twos... one for quiche, one for pie?
  • about a pound of sausage. More or less. Any kind you like. (Hey, I never claimed my recipes were precise!)
  • 5 eggs. Three whole, two yolks.
  • 1 1/2 cups half and half (or whole milk, if you prefer)
  • 3/4 cup mozzarella cheese, grated (I just used the kind out of the bag)
  • 3/4 cup sharp cheddar cheese, grated
  • salt and pepper
Preheat the oven to 350° . Unroll your pre-made pie crust into your quiche pan. Stab the bottom a few times with a fork so the crust doesn't puff up when it's baking. In a skillet, over medium-high heat, crumble and brown your sausage. We used a locally made sausage in a casing, so we just made a slit down the middle and took the casing off, then crumbled. Drain the sausage well on some paper towels. Spread evenly in the crust. Sprinkle the cheese on top of the sausage. Now, crack your eggs into a bowl. Remember just the yolks of two of them. This makes for a richer, creamier quiche. Whisk them until they're mixed well. Add the half-and-half and whisk again until well blended with the egg. Add salt and pepper. I like lots of pepper, but some don't... add what you think you'll like. Pour the egg mixture over the sausage and cheese. If it won't all fit, just use what you can. No big deal. Put the quiche pan on some type of baking sheet or cake pan for stability. It's much easier to get in and out of the oven this way. Bake at 350° for 40 minutes, then check it. If the middle still jiggles, it's not done! Bake for another 8 minutes or so. The top should start to brown and it shouldn't jiggle. Allow to cool for about 10 minutes then dig in!

I suggest eating this with some nice, slow-cooked grits and a cold glass of milk. Then have a salad the next day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This weekend is my friends Callie and Robert's wedding, so I may not get anything posted until Sunday night or Monday. We've got the bridesmaid brunch and rehearsal tomorrow, then the wedding on Saturday. I'm so excited. There really isn't a cuter couple. Aaaaaaand I get to see other friends that I haven't seen in a while! (Yay Kristen!)

Then we're spending Sunday with Chris' family. An all-around exciting, fun time. The only downside? Missing my sweet kitty like crazy....

This isn't my kitty (from I seriously doubt Lemon would let us do this to her.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Why Don't You Love Me?

I seriously never thought I'd post a Beyoncé video on my blog, but I somehow came across this one yesterday and couldn't resist sharing. The song isn't really my cup of tea, but the video! Oh, the video! It's like Mad Men meets Bettie Page.

Today, I love...
Beyoncé's video for "Why Don't You Love Me"

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Are You Alright? (Pretty Much), Are You Okay? (Pretty Much)

I've been listening to this song for a solid month now and I see no signs of stopping. I really really love it.

Today, I love Kate Miller-Heidke's "Politics in Space"

Humpday Listday: Things That I've Stolen

1. Those little condiment cups at restaurants. The ones you aren't supposed to take. I have them in a variety of colors and sizes. The best one is a ceramic one from Loco's that had black beans in it. Its' perfect for a snack serving of grapes. And the ones at Red Lobster are always blue or aqua. Really pretty.

2. A Marvin Avenue street sign. Kristen, Jessica and I creeping down the street in black hoodies on my birthday. The best part? We couldn't get the sign off the pole so the pole came with us. My sign is now in the top 10 things I'd grab if the apartment was on fire.

3. Buttons from Walmart. Not on purpose. The lady didn't see them in the plastic bin I also bought. Oops. This has also happened with greeting cards. Where they scan one, but miss the other.

4. Chris' red plaid flannel shirt. Mine now.

5. Library books. A whole stack of 'em. I checked them out over a year ago.... but I still plan to return them, so does it count?

6. Music, frequently. But if I really love something, I'll eventually buy it on vinyl. It's like a test-run.

7. I once wrote a letter and instead of putting postage on it, I addressed it to myself, put the recipient in the return area and it was "returned" to them because it had no postage. Free letter. I've only done that one once, though. But it was pretty hilarious.

8. A bag of Cheetos from Subway. I got the meal and forgot I'd gotten the cookie as my side and grabbed a bag of Cheetos. I didn't realize it until I got home.

9. I'm not sure if this is stealing, exactly, but I once bought a shirt that was on clearance. Once I got it home, I decided I didn't like it that much. I took it back to the store a few days later and it was no longer on clearance... no idea why. I'd lost my receipt in the meantime and when I returned it, it scanned for more than I'd spent.... So she gave me more money back than I'd spent. I kinda felt bad about that one.

10. Toilet paper from the girls' restroom at school when I was out and broke at my old apartment. Jessica also once did this when we lived together at the Marvin House. After I'd told her to. The ingenuity of poor college students knows no bounds.

What have you stolen?


Monday, May 3, 2010


I've been wearing lots of dresses lately, and I'm literally dyyying for these from Toast.

Today I love......
Toast dresses!

I don't know which one I love the most. I'll take one of each, please!