Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Apartment Across the Street

Hello! Today is Saturday and it's the first of May and I have a brand spankin' new mix for you! Today is also my BCF (best cousin forever) Lydia's birthday, so this mix has a distinct Lydian influence.
The first track is "our song" and the title of the mix refers to the fact that we lived together for a year in an apartment that I now live across the street from. Clever, aren't I?
But this mix isn't just for people who are Lydia... no, it's for EVERYBODY! It's sort of a random collection of old favorites and some great new ones. There's Weezer, Jenny Lewis, The Postal Service, Beck, Blondie, and even a little Billy Joel. We used to rock out to some Billy Joel when we were kids.

Download it HERE. Or, if you'd rather listen first, the entire mix is available without downloading from the player below. Enjoy!

Be back a little later today with my Blog It Forward Inspiration post!

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citymouse said...

Oh happy day! Thanks!!