Monday, September 22, 2008

"Oh My Sweet Carolina", Ryan Adams

Every few months, I "re-discover" this song. I listen to it constantly for about 3 days, then put it aside for a while. Words cannot express how much I love it.

Ryan Adams has to be one of the greatest songwriters of our time. He's also pretty badass on a harmonica.

Bloggin' from the IT Building

Here are a few observations I've made in the last two hours sitting in the lobby of the Information Technology building here at Georgia Southern.

1. The "Hard Drive Cafe" (yeah, I know... lame) never has the same thing twice. I don't mean that they change their menus, they don't. If you order something twice, you're going to get two different meals. I have tried this. I have ordered the same thing 3 of the last 4 weeks, and I get a different sandwich every time. "The Monterey" is supposed to be shaved chicken breast and pepper-jack cheese on cibatta bread with sauteed mushrooms and onions with lettuce and tomato. Sounds tasty, huh? The first time I ordered this delightful sounding sandwich, I got shaved turkey on cibatta bread. And nothing else. No cheese. No veggies. No nothing. Meat on bread. Very disappointing. The next time, I made sure to ask for "The Monterey- with everything on it." I received strips of chicken breast with swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato and onions. No mushrooms. Today, I decided to test the staff again, curious if I was to ever get the sandwich I ordered. I asked for "The Monterey" once again. This time, when the lady behind the counter took my order, she asked for my drink order too, said it was included in the price (nearly $7). This is the first time I received a drink! Not to let this opportunity for a free drink pass me by, I quickly asked for a Cherry Coke. As for the sandwich itself, I finally got the sandwich as described on the menu. Way-to-go, Georgia Southern. You finally got it right. Sigh.

2. People who listen to iPods while walking in and out of buildings sometimes forget that nobody else can hear the music.... and that dancing and singing down the stairs isn't really a "normal" thing to do. In any case, it amuses me.

3. Even after my tasty sandwich, something about this building makes me crave food from the little place Abbie and I know affectionately as "CPBW" (the Chinese Place by Wal-Mart) in Athens. Mmmm.... best sesame chicken ever.

4. The book I'm reading for my "Turning Points and Connections" class is the single most boring book I've ever encountered. As a warning, do not read this book:

Now, this has nothing to do with the IT Building, or anything else for that matter, but I just ordered the sweetest earrings from Etsy. So excited.

Class in 4 minutes. Have to go.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I stabbed myself in the hand with an x-acto knife this morning. Good job, Katie.
It hurt like hell and after I'd been up all night working on my pop-up book for my 3D class, it was not exactly how I wanted to start the day.

Nice band-aid, huh? I figure: If you can't be silly with band-aids, when can you be silly?

It got better though. (The day, not the giant hole in my hand- that still kinda hurts) Kristen came over for our weekly dinner and L Word and brought her new puppy. Very cute.... makes me want a pet. (Even though I can barely remember to feed myself and live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment)

I need to go read for my classes tomorrow. Stupid quizzes every stupid day. Bah.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pop-up Cards

The first assignment in one of my classes is to make a pop-up book. As a precursor to that assignment, we had to make several pop-up cards. Here are two of mine: