Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I stabbed myself in the hand with an x-acto knife this morning. Good job, Katie.
It hurt like hell and after I'd been up all night working on my pop-up book for my 3D class, it was not exactly how I wanted to start the day.

Nice band-aid, huh? I figure: If you can't be silly with band-aids, when can you be silly?

It got better though. (The day, not the giant hole in my hand- that still kinda hurts) Kristen came over for our weekly dinner and L Word and brought her new puppy. Very cute.... makes me want a pet. (Even though I can barely remember to feed myself and live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment)

I need to go read for my classes tomorrow. Stupid quizzes every stupid day. Bah.


Stacey said...

There's nothing wrong with a silly band-aid. I have some fairy tattoo looking ones! :D I hope your hand gets better!

Shelby said...

I just happened upon your blog.. smiled bunches when reading. Your music that is playing.. Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining.. is FANTASTIC. I'm her newest fan. I'm currently wathcing the youtube video of it.