Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Road

Chris and I are leaving Statesboro tonight for his parents' house in North Georgia.

Here's hoping you have safe journeys on the "holiday road" this weekend.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Joys of Retail

I received this phone call at work yesterday:

Me: "Bellies & Babies, this is Katie."
Lady: (very quietly) "Ummm.... I was just wondering.... I was in there last week......."
Me: "Mmm Hmm?"
Lady: "And I was just wondering..... do you still have that dress?"
Me: "Um... was it children's or maternity?"
Lady: "It was real pretty and it had blue flowers on it."
Me: "Do you know what brand it was?"
Lady: "It was blue."


PS... More adventures in retail here.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cover Me Mondays: Pink Moon

What a lovely, lovely song. I could listen to Nick Drake's voice forever.

Nick Drake, 1972:

Beck, 2005:


Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow, weddings, football and weird dreams.

Yesterday, on our way home from Chris' parents' house (which is in the North Georgia mountains) we got SNOWED ON. It was so pretty. And COLD! It didn't stick to anything, but it was snowing just the same. I wish I'd thought to snap a picture.

Also, I thought I'd share that my Sister-in-law Emily (but I like to just call her my Sister) got engaged on Thanksgiving to a great guy named Tyler. Here's a picture I'm stealing from facebook:

That's the actual proposal! Aren't they precious? I love them. AND I'm going to be a bridesmaid! And Chris is going to be a groomsman! I couldn't be more excited about this wedding! Emily was there every single step of the way for our wedding. I mean, I wouldn't have found a dress without her! So we're really looking forward to returning the favor.

In other really exciting news, Georgia Southern won yet another playoff game on Saturday (my Birthday). We beat Wofford 23-20! This means the team will go to Delaware next Saturday and if we win there, it's off to the National Championship for us! It's very exciting. We take our football very seriously here in Statesboro.

And now I thought I'd share my really weird dream from last night. Let's start with some background info:
1. On the Georgia Southern campus, there is a central grassy area called "Sweetheart Circle."
2. When I lived in a house on Marvin Ave., the five of us girls used to pack up some food and blankets and have picnics out in the grass. We called them "Sweetheart Circle Picnics."
3. Emily made a Red Velvet Cake for this weekend, from my Grandmother's recipe. It was delicious.
4. I've been re-listening to my Coconut Records albums alot lately, wishing for a new one soon.
5. I watch Doctor Who. And I'm kind of obsessed with it. I just re-watched series 1 & 2, and I'm halfway through 3.
6. There is a new UK version of Law & Order that comes on BBC America... starring Freema Agyeman, who played Martha Jones in series 3 of Doctor Who.

So, last night I dreamed that I was having a Sweetheart Circle Picnic with Jason Schwartzman. There was a basket and quilt and everything. We were eating the Red Velvet cake Emily made for Christmas. And he was performing the new (non-existent) Coconut Records album for me while I ate. And then I heard the TARDIS noise and after it had appeared, out popped the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith's version), who asked me if I'd seen Martha Jones. I told him, "She's not Martha now. She's on Law & Order." Jason Schwartzman says, "That's a pretty good show." Then I woke up. Talk about a surreal dream. I think it was the cough medicine I took just before I went to bed.

What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?


Saturday, December 11, 2010

26 Before 27

Here are my goals this year:

1. Redesign my blog.
2. Go on a spontaneous roadtrip.
3. Grow out my hair. Only trims this year!
4. Get a new job!
5. Date night with Chris once a month. (This means a movie/show/dinner. Not fast food at the apartment!)
6. Find a new livingroom chair!
7. Do a better job of remembering Birthdays and sending great gifts.
8. Go down at least two dress sizes.
9. Take at least one picture every single day. Document it.

(Cell pic rom yesterday. We were packing to go to the in-laws' house and Lemon wanted to make sure we didn't forget to pack her.)

10. Get back to blogging each day.
11. Call a friend at least once a week.
12. Mixtape every month! I did it last year, I can do it again!
13. Go to a concert.
14. Legally change my name.
I was born Stephanie Kathryn. But I've always been called 'Katie.' When we got married, I assumed I could drop my first name on my Social Security card, keep my maiden name and add my new last name. I was wrong. I have to appear before a judge and pay an exorbitant fee and legally have my name changed. The notice even has to run in the local paper for four weeks. I find this whole thing to be ridiculous.
15. Make homemade jam.
16. Get tipsy more often. (I tend to be a little tightly wound sometimes. I should let go more often.)
17. Write at least 10 letters. On paper. And send them!
18. Put together a recipe book of family recipes.
19. Sleep in a tent under the stars.
20. Read a classic novel. Or three.
21. Give up something for Lent.
22. Finish my Long Distance Quilt. It needs to be done.
23. Enter something crafty in the Fair.
24. Stand on top of a mountain. Take a picture.
25. Start collecting t-shirts from St. Simons for a t-shirt quilt.
26. Purchase a piece of vintage furniture.

Let's see how I do this year.


Last Year

It's that time. Time to review my 25 before 26 list one last time.
Let's see how much of my list from last year I got accomplished before I post this year's.....

  1. Buy a sofa. YES!
  2. Make a headboard. No, but we did paint the bedroom and hang my embroidered heart above it.
  3. Open an Etsy shop. No..... it's going to happen, but I'm not going to put it on a list. It'll happen when it happens.
  4. Start a record collection (and buy a record player). Oh yeah! We have tons of records now!
  5. Finish LDQ & Arrows quilts (and make another!) No.... I'm putting this on list for next year again.
  6. Find a great rug for the living room. Well, no... but right now, our livingroom doesn't really need it.
  7. Camping on Cumberland. Take a picture of a wild horse. Sigh.... another no.
  8. Make health a priority. Yes. Did this.... and I'm pretty proud of my progress.
  9. Bake a Red Velvet cake. I never did this. I did, however, get a copy of my Grandmother's recipe.
  10. Make a 17 song mixtape playlist for every month. YES! Well, every month but October, but I'm calling it a win anyway!
  11. Write a letter every week. Ha. No.
  12. Read 20 books that aren't Twilight or Harry Potter. I read 10 Sookie Stackhouse novels... and one or two others. Does that count?
  13. Sew something wearable. I did... I'm not crazy about the dress I made, but I made it anyway.
  14. Fill the pages of a sketchbook. Aaaaaalmost.
  15. Mail 5 care packages for no reason. Yep.
  16. Go to a state I've never been to. I'd never been to Virginia. Now I have.
  17. Make a painting and hang it in our apartment. Yes. Although it's not up right now due to Christmas decorations.
  18. Design a website. No.... redesigned my blog a few times, but no website as such.
  19. Watch 5 movies in theaters. Yes. I even went to a movie by myself once.
  20. Get a really great haircut. I did, and I loved my bob. But now it's time for another change.
  21. Drink a bottle of wine worth more than $20. Yep. Well.... we spent $75 at the wine store.... I say that counts.
  22. give at least 1 trash bag of clothes to Goodwill. I think I gave 3 or 4.
  23. Buy Chris something he'd never buy for himself. I did. But it's his Christmas present, so shhhhhhh!!
  24. Eat a whole lobster. No.... had a few claws about a month back, though.
  25. Make business cards for myself. Yes, but I'm thinking of making new ones.
New list will be up soon!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

This Antelope Is Yours

In my defense, I had the mix ready last night at 11:00. Then I found out that 8tracks has gotten rid of their "network tracks" which meant I had to upload ALL of them. Took forever! But nonetheless, it's here now! May I present.....

...This Antelope Is Yours! Hopefully this will get you (and me) through the holidays.


  1. Rilo Kiley / The Frug
  2. Darwin Deez / Radar Detector
  3. Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas / Bad to Me
  4. Paul Simon / Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
  5. Coconut Records / Nighttiming
  6. Feist / I Feel It All
  7. Bombay Bicycle Club / Always Like This
  8. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! / Satan Said Dance
  9. Hey Marseilles / Rio
  10. Neutral Milk Hotel / Holland, 1945
  11. The Shins / So Says I
  12. Beck / Gamma Ray
  13. Okkervil River / Unless It's Kicks
  14. The Flaming Lips / Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Part 1
  15. Chris Merritt / Sugar
  16. The Head and the Heart / Ghosts
  17. Sufjan Stevens / Decatur, Or, Round of Applause for Your Stepmother!
As for the image on the cover (and the title, for that matter) it was a shot I found going through our pictures from Washington D.C. from the summer. It was taken at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum... hence, the antelopes being "yours." Really, I just thought it was a nice image with pretty colors, so I used it.

Listen on 8Tracks:

Enjoy the music!

PS to Citymouse: I just couldn't make Morcheeba fit. I tried and tried. :( Next month?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It'll be a little late, but I'm working on December's mixtape now. Tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a preview:

Deez is the man. Word.