Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last Year

It's that time. Time to review my 25 before 26 list one last time.
Let's see how much of my list from last year I got accomplished before I post this year's.....

  1. Buy a sofa. YES!
  2. Make a headboard. No, but we did paint the bedroom and hang my embroidered heart above it.
  3. Open an Etsy shop. No..... it's going to happen, but I'm not going to put it on a list. It'll happen when it happens.
  4. Start a record collection (and buy a record player). Oh yeah! We have tons of records now!
  5. Finish LDQ & Arrows quilts (and make another!) No.... I'm putting this on list for next year again.
  6. Find a great rug for the living room. Well, no... but right now, our livingroom doesn't really need it.
  7. Camping on Cumberland. Take a picture of a wild horse. Sigh.... another no.
  8. Make health a priority. Yes. Did this.... and I'm pretty proud of my progress.
  9. Bake a Red Velvet cake. I never did this. I did, however, get a copy of my Grandmother's recipe.
  10. Make a 17 song mixtape playlist for every month. YES! Well, every month but October, but I'm calling it a win anyway!
  11. Write a letter every week. Ha. No.
  12. Read 20 books that aren't Twilight or Harry Potter. I read 10 Sookie Stackhouse novels... and one or two others. Does that count?
  13. Sew something wearable. I did... I'm not crazy about the dress I made, but I made it anyway.
  14. Fill the pages of a sketchbook. Aaaaaalmost.
  15. Mail 5 care packages for no reason. Yep.
  16. Go to a state I've never been to. I'd never been to Virginia. Now I have.
  17. Make a painting and hang it in our apartment. Yes. Although it's not up right now due to Christmas decorations.
  18. Design a website. No.... redesigned my blog a few times, but no website as such.
  19. Watch 5 movies in theaters. Yes. I even went to a movie by myself once.
  20. Get a really great haircut. I did, and I loved my bob. But now it's time for another change.
  21. Drink a bottle of wine worth more than $20. Yep. Well.... we spent $75 at the wine store.... I say that counts.
  22. give at least 1 trash bag of clothes to Goodwill. I think I gave 3 or 4.
  23. Buy Chris something he'd never buy for himself. I did. But it's his Christmas present, so shhhhhhh!!
  24. Eat a whole lobster. No.... had a few claws about a month back, though.
  25. Make business cards for myself. Yes, but I'm thinking of making new ones.
New list will be up soon!

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