Saturday, December 11, 2010

26 Before 27

Here are my goals this year:

1. Redesign my blog.
2. Go on a spontaneous roadtrip.
3. Grow out my hair. Only trims this year!
4. Get a new job!
5. Date night with Chris once a month. (This means a movie/show/dinner. Not fast food at the apartment!)
6. Find a new livingroom chair!
7. Do a better job of remembering Birthdays and sending great gifts.
8. Go down at least two dress sizes.
9. Take at least one picture every single day. Document it.

(Cell pic rom yesterday. We were packing to go to the in-laws' house and Lemon wanted to make sure we didn't forget to pack her.)

10. Get back to blogging each day.
11. Call a friend at least once a week.
12. Mixtape every month! I did it last year, I can do it again!
13. Go to a concert.
14. Legally change my name.
I was born Stephanie Kathryn. But I've always been called 'Katie.' When we got married, I assumed I could drop my first name on my Social Security card, keep my maiden name and add my new last name. I was wrong. I have to appear before a judge and pay an exorbitant fee and legally have my name changed. The notice even has to run in the local paper for four weeks. I find this whole thing to be ridiculous.
15. Make homemade jam.
16. Get tipsy more often. (I tend to be a little tightly wound sometimes. I should let go more often.)
17. Write at least 10 letters. On paper. And send them!
18. Put together a recipe book of family recipes.
19. Sleep in a tent under the stars.
20. Read a classic novel. Or three.
21. Give up something for Lent.
22. Finish my Long Distance Quilt. It needs to be done.
23. Enter something crafty in the Fair.
24. Stand on top of a mountain. Take a picture.
25. Start collecting t-shirts from St. Simons for a t-shirt quilt.
26. Purchase a piece of vintage furniture.

Let's see how I do this year.


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