Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Humpday Listday: Things That I've Stolen

1. Those little condiment cups at restaurants. The ones you aren't supposed to take. I have them in a variety of colors and sizes. The best one is a ceramic one from Loco's that had black beans in it. Its' perfect for a snack serving of grapes. And the ones at Red Lobster are always blue or aqua. Really pretty.

2. A Marvin Avenue street sign. Kristen, Jessica and I creeping down the street in black hoodies on my birthday. The best part? We couldn't get the sign off the pole so the pole came with us. My sign is now in the top 10 things I'd grab if the apartment was on fire.

3. Buttons from Walmart. Not on purpose. The lady didn't see them in the plastic bin I also bought. Oops. This has also happened with greeting cards. Where they scan one, but miss the other.

4. Chris' red plaid flannel shirt. Mine now.

5. Library books. A whole stack of 'em. I checked them out over a year ago.... but I still plan to return them, so does it count?

6. Music, frequently. But if I really love something, I'll eventually buy it on vinyl. It's like a test-run.

7. I once wrote a letter and instead of putting postage on it, I addressed it to myself, put the recipient in the return area and it was "returned" to them because it had no postage. Free letter. I've only done that one once, though. But it was pretty hilarious.

8. A bag of Cheetos from Subway. I got the meal and forgot I'd gotten the cookie as my side and grabbed a bag of Cheetos. I didn't realize it until I got home.

9. I'm not sure if this is stealing, exactly, but I once bought a shirt that was on clearance. Once I got it home, I decided I didn't like it that much. I took it back to the store a few days later and it was no longer on clearance... no idea why. I'd lost my receipt in the meantime and when I returned it, it scanned for more than I'd spent.... So she gave me more money back than I'd spent. I kinda felt bad about that one.

10. Toilet paper from the girls' restroom at school when I was out and broke at my old apartment. Jessica also once did this when we lived together at the Marvin House. After I'd told her to. The ingenuity of poor college students knows no bounds.

What have you stolen?



Hearthandmade said...

lol.. this post really made me laugh. Especially the one with the sign and the pole still attached.

What is humpday listday?

ok so what have i stolen....

1. When i was 14 on holidays in Majorca I assisted the theft of a pint glass from a restaurant we were in because it said majorca on the front. The person i assisted was my mother.

2. Chopsticks from the chinese... the plastic ones - good quality. Again.. my mothers influence.
My dad calls our large handbags our shoplifting bags.

3. I stole some pens from my cousins pencil case cuz i was in desperate need of a biro. I didnt have one in my bag for the first and last time!

4. stole a book back from her bookshelf. Shes 16 and I gave her a book a few years ago but she doesnt do books much. Now this new fangled internet has much more to offer!! So i re-added it to my mini library.

5. I stole a coral hooded jumper from my mum and 42p in pennies. that was a couple of weeks ago. The pennies went in my savings!

I cant think of much else!

Brooke said...

hahahahha! love this!! I laughed a lot! I have always wondered about that mail one!! Now I know it works!! :)

The best thing I ever stole? Okay, well I didn't steal it was stolen for me.
I used to really really be obsessed with those thick white plastic USMAIL crates that they have for the post people to haul lots of of letters in. I think I only wanted one so bad because you weren't supposed to have them and they say like "government property, theft is punishable by law" or something on the side.
Anyway, my step-dad works was at work one day, and noticed that the mail man had left an empty crate in the building while he went outside, and my step-dad, knowing my very strong desire for one of these crates, stole it for me!
Best gift ever!! It know houses all our boardgames haha

Katie said...

Ladies, I love your lists of stolen things! Isn't it good to get it all out in the open? Hearthandmade, "Humpday Listday" is me making a list of something (anything) every Wednesday (humpday. It's silly, but it's so much fun for a list-maker like me! Glad you guys enjoyed it!