Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Humpday Listday: Random Facts

Today's list is poorly thought out and hastily put together. I apologize. Profusely.

10 Random Facts about me:

1. I am highly allergic to feathers. Most kinds. Definitely goose, chicken and duck down. It makes shopping for comforters and throw pillows absolute hell. And hotels. We always have to call hotels to make sure there aren't feather pillows. It's ridiculously inconvenient.

2. Every now and then, I loooove Brussels sprouts. It comes and goes, but sometimes, I just get a craving.

3. One of my secrets is in this book: My postcard is also on the back cover. And is one of the Amazon preview images. And I didn't know anything about it until I was reading the book in a store two and a half years after it came out. (Ask me which and I'll tell you, if you don't already know.)

4. I am 25 years old and have never been on an airplane. We rarely took big trips when I was a kid and when we did, we drove. An opportunity just never presented itself. This Saturday, Chris and I are leaving for Washington, D.C. for a week... we're flying.

5. I like to make a game out of figuring out which celebrity's voice is in a commercial. I'm pretty good at it.
Droid = James VanDerBeek
Bank of America = Keifer Sutherland
Lowes = Gene Hackman
AIG = Stockard Channing
State Farm = Patrick Dempsey

6. Once upon a time, I was a huge band geek. I played tenor saxophone (not very well, but I tried) and was Drum Major my senior year. Most of my high school memories are shaped around football games and band practice.
From my senior year. I'm in the front, next to the majorette. Gooooo Tigers!

7. My favorite cake is a tie between Red Velvet (Granny's Red Velvet at Christmas is the best) and my Aunt Kathie's birthday cake. She makes the best birthday cakes. They taste just like a birthday cake should.

8. Most days, my "Not a Paper Cup" is filled with water instead of tea or coffee.

9. I really am a huge geek. I have seen every single episode of Stargate SG-1. And Stargate Atlantis. Don't judge me.
10. My sole reason for wanting to learn how to knit is so that I can knit some socks for a very special someone who loves socks. But at this rate, We'll be in our 80's by the time it actually happens.

Aaaaand that's my list! Next week, we'll be on vacation in D.C. so my list will probably be themed!



Erin Wallace said...

Fabulous list! I do the "Who's Talking" commercial game, too. When I can't get it, it drives me crazy. And Stargate - my husband love Stargate, the whole franchise, so I've seen every episode SO MANY times!

xo Erin

Grits said...

I want to know which secret is yours!!!
Check out my latest post, I gave you props! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love b. sprouts if their oven roasated w/ balsamic vinegar...and i don't have tv anymore (except hulu), but when i did i totally played the voice-over game. Great list, thanks for sharing :)

Callie said...

I totes bragged on your postsecret anonymous fame at dinner last night :) Love the post, and I love that I already knew many of these are, in fact, Katie-lou from my life!

Sarah Cook said...

Hi, Katie! I found your blog when Mrs. Grits tagged you in her versatile blogger post. I saw you're from the 'Boro. I went to GSU for four years and LOVED it there! You have an awesome blog...I look forward to reading more!

Brooke Ann Dove said...

Most of my high school memories revolve around band as well. And not only do me and my husband watch Stargate but also Farscape. I know, the shame.
How cool that your secret is in Post Script...I'll have to try and figure it out!

Grits said...

Love your secret! I wish I'd known my grandparents when they were young too. And you're right...old lady-ish is the new 20's! :-)