Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smilebooth: Callie and Robert Get Hitched

I didn't take my camera to Callie & Robert's wedding. I tend to get very engrossed in taking pictures and forget to enjoy myself. Therefore, I have no pictures of the girls getting ready, the cake, the ceremony, or any of that other nonsense. But thanks to the Smilebooth, I have plenty of pictures to remember the wedding by. And also to blackmail people with.

Here's a sample of the more appropriate ones, and please keep in mind that there was an open bar.....

We really do love them.

This took about 15 shots to get right.

Super happy thumbs up!


Since Kristen and I were both bridesmaids, Alissa and Chris came together so they wouldn't be lonely. We thought we'd clear up the confusion.

OMG. We totes got cake.

Bridesmaids, plus.

Anybody else ever notice how the abbreviation for 'bridesmaid' is BM? We certainly noticed.


At the time, we thought doing the robot was a really good idea.

Model face.

And the happy couple, Callie & Robert!

I'm a bit biased towards my own, but other than that, it was without a doubt the best wedding I've ever been to. Probably that's ever been had. Congratulations, Callie & Robert!


Grits said...

So cute! I am totally obsessed with photobooths and want to have my own one day. If I'd have been at this wedding I would have spent nearly the entire time in there making cute photos!

Katie said...

It was really hard not to just stay in there all night. It was so much fun!

Brooke Ann Dove said...

These are too freakin' cute!