Friday, April 30, 2010

FREE Font Friday

Today, I thought I'd share some totally awesome (and completely FREE) fonts.

Now, I'm not an expert in typography... these are just some that I think are pretty. Click on each to go to where you can download them for free!

Enjoy your free fonts!


aubrey said...

Oh! I didn't know I had a font! And it is pretty too...may have to use that on something now and smile to myself knowing that it is 'my' font!

Rischa said...

I knew the label font existed, I just didn't know the name. Woohoo! Pointy and Impact Label....into my favorites list! Thank you for pointing them out!! Hmm...what can I use them on? I have to find something! Maybe with some photos.

Is it normal to get excited over fonts? LOL

Katie said...

Rischa- is it normal? I'm not sure. But I got pretty excited, too, so at least you're in good company!