Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Humpday Listday: What's in my bag?

Chris always makes fun of me because there's so much stuff in my purse. Like many women, my purse seems to be a bottomless pit of stuff. At this point, it's more like a suitcase. I honestly don't know how I fit it all in there. Here's what's in my bag today:

1. Wallet. Vera Bradley Zipper ID Pouch in Poppy Fields. One of the very few VB things I own. But I'm addicted to their ID wallets. I've had at least 4 now. I use them until they're completely worn out.
2. Keys. You know, so I can unlock stuff.
3. Phone. Mostly for texting, calling my Mom, and checking my email.
4. Georgia Southern Nalgene bottle. Hey, I'm getting my 8 glasses a day!
5. Black notebook/sketchbook. I use it for lists, and I keep a hand drawn calendar in there, too.
6. Nature Valley granola bar.
7. 3 varieties of lip gloss/lipstick.
8. An X-acto knife. Hey, a crafty girl never knows when she might need to X-acto something.
9. A spoon. I really have no excuse for this. Only an explanation: I eat yogurt at work sometimes.
10. Paint chips. I can never pass up pretty colors. Especially when they're FREE and you can have all you want. These are Better Homes & Gardens from Wal-Mart.
11. Bobby pins. These can be found all over our apartment. I leave them everywhere. It's a baaaad habit.
12. Hand lotion. From Blue Q.
13. Various pens and pencils
14. iPod & earbuds. Almost always in my bag.
15. Sephora mirror compact. Pretty sure it was free with purchase.
16. Grocery list and the receipt from my new printer.
17. Orbit gum in spearmint. It tastes like the mint my grandma used to grow when I was a kid.
18. Sunglasses from Old Navy.
19. An apple-flavored moustache lollipop I made with a mold from Bake It Pretty.
20. An "It's Not A Paper Cup" cup. People always offer to throw it away for me. Then they pick it up and are confused. It's pretty funny.
21. Crocheted (by me) cup sleeve. (Possibly available in my Etsy shop when I open. We'll see.)
22. Tazo tea and two Wal-mart-brand artificial sweeteners.

What's in your bag?

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Stacey said...

Hmm...Interesting! :P I may do this one day. I love Vera Bradley! I own my 3rd purse from her collection. I'm completely in love with it! :)