Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Humpday Listday: I Deserve A Gold Star

These are some things I'm pretty good at. Things I deserve a gold star for.

1. Googling. I can Google like nobody's business. What's that? You don't think Googling is a skill? I challenge you to a Google-off!

2. Assembling flat-packed furniture. Seriously, I'm a pro.

3. Spelling. I'm still a little irked that I misspelled "business" at the 2nd grade spelling bee.

4. I spell out words and use proper punctuation in text messages. I think that deserves two gold stars.

5. Making playlists/mixtapes. I think I'm pretty good at it and it's like my favorite thing to do. If I could make that my job, I would.

6. I know slightly more about computers and technical things than your average bear. Roommates used to always ask for my help in that department.

7. DVD Scene It! Most varieties. I remember once playing with Chris and his roommates and it was me and Rickie (who also loves TV) against everybody else put together. We DOMINATED. It was awesome.

8. Cinnamon rolls. I make some mean cinnamon rolls.

9. Paper crane folding. After folding hundreds of them for our wedding, I'm pretty damn good at it. At restaurants, I make them out of the paper that goes around your napkin-utensil packet and put them with the tip. I like to think waitresses appreciate it.

I reserve the right to add to this list any time I see fit. *Note: "see fit" means remembering I'm good at something.

What do you deserve a gold star for?



citymouse said...

Your playlists are awesome! I am always excited when you post music.

I am pretty Google savvy myself. My hubby jokes that I should be a PI! But honestly... it's Google. What did we ever do without it? I just call it The Oracle (as in go ask The Oracle)!

Katie said...

Well, Ms. Mouse, I've got a new playlist that's about 70% done and will be posted May 1. I'm so excited!