Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tights, Tights, Baby!

Today, I love tights!

As a girl that isn't too keen to show off her legs, tights are just about the best thing ever. They make everybody's legs look fabulous. And in my opinion, the brighter or more flowery, the better.
(All images from weheartit)

On a more personal note, I've been having a hard time being creative the last few days. That includes blogging. I'm in this weird funk and I'm having trouble getting out of it. I've been working on an April Playlist for a week and I just can't get it together. I'm trying to just suck it up and push through it. Forgive me if my posts haven't been and aren't great for the next little while. I'll pull myself up by my bootstraps soon enough.

In the meantime, what pulls you out of a funk?



lauren verity said...

Hi! Don't worry about it... i think all creative people go through it once in a while. i know i do from time to time. what i do is visit ladies blogs that most inspire me. there are a few women out there that i know i can always visit, see how creative they are everyday, and it motivates me to do the same! hopefully that'll help, if just a little:)
oh, and those tights? gorgeous! i just bought a pair this weekend w/ tiny dots on them and can't wait to wear them!

Hearthandmade said...

dont worry i had a six month period of no creativity! I just couldnt get out of the funk at all... but im back and bigger than ever :p

I love those tights, i just dont have the legs for them!

citymouse said...

I adore tights and wish I could find cool ones like this for my big butt...lol!

I think everyone has dry spells from time to time; maybe it's part of the creative process?

Music, projects around the house and shopping always inspire me... well, maybe the shopping part just puts me in a better mood!

(BTW, my hubby is reading over my shoulder and he really liked your post title and thought it was clever!)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, loving ALL these tights :)