Monday, June 28, 2010

Spring (Summer) Cleaning

Just as a heads-up, I'll be working on a new blog design tonight and tomorrow. It's about time, right? Since I'm doing it all myself and I am NOT a professional, things may be a little wonky for a while, especially if you view this thing the normal way (in your browser). If you view it through a reader (i.e. Google Reader), I haven't the foggiest idea what may happen. Again, I'm not a professional. Most of what I can do is self-taught trial & error. But all should be resolved and the dust should be settled in a day or so. And hopefully, I'll have a pretty new blog design to show you! Yay!

In the meantime, here's a teensy preview....
(tape via



citymouse said...

Very exciting. I really like the floral pattern. I've been tweaking my blog lately. I see so many cool things on other blogs. I am just clueless.

Rischa said...

I thought that looked familiar. I think I've downloaded just about everything from puglypixel. BTW, I'm viewing from my phone on Google Reader and it looks great so far! I'll be looking forward to seeing the finished look.