Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Humpday Listday: Roommates

This is the first post in a new series I'll be doing (hopefully) every Wednesday. I'm going to share a list of some sort every Humpday! They will most likely be random and silly. You've been warned.
Here goes!

All the roommates I've had, and one silly fact about them, in chronological order:
(If any of you are reading, I apologize.)

  • Adrianne, who crawled into bed with me sometimes to watch QVC or Finding Nemo.
  • Ebony, who wrestled with her boyfriend on the kitchen floor.
  • Phylicia, who watched Three's Company reruns every single night on Nick at Night.
  • Heidi, who I never recall cooking anything but turkey spaghetti with wheat noodles.
  • Rebekah, who was once the Vidalia Onion Queen.
  • Callie (the first time), who had a plant named 'Phyllis the Amaryllis.
  • Lydia, who cuddled with me when it got cold and the heat was broken.
  • Callie (the second time), who taught me the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in the universe.
  • Christie, who thought southern cooking was simultaneously the strangest and most delicious thing ever.
  • Jessica, who was terrified of the squirrel that got in our house.
  • Kristen, who caught the squirrel that got in our house. And told us about it for weeks.
Aww... now I'm feeling all nostalgic.



Brooke said...

Ha! such a fun idea!

Jessica said...

Thanks so much, Katie! Apparently that's something I will never live down! BTW, Kristen is my hero because of that! I miss the Marvin House soooooooo much!!!!