Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

I subscribe to NPR's Song of the Day emails, which is... well.... hit or miss, really. I mean, I'm sure somebody likes the song every day. It's just not me. I usually find one every week that I kinda dig. And I'll be honest that I don't listen to it every day. But something about today's caught my eye and I gave it a listen.
As a gigantic fan of the original "Fight For Your Right" (a true modern classic), I thought it wouldn't hurt if somebody covered it. I was wrong. It hurt alot.



1. is that guy wearing a skirt?
2. messing with the line "Mom, you're just jealous it's the BEAS-TIE-BOYS!" is just wroooooong.

Now I haven't listened to anything else by this band, so I can't judge their original work.... I'm sure it's lovely. But "Fight For Your Right" is one of those things that just needs to be left alone.

And now here's my second favorite Beastie song:

(Better version HERE, but not embeddable)

Back later today with something I love.


citymouse said...

OMG, this is just plain wrong. I'm all for covers, it keeps songs fresh, but I almost couldn't tell what song it was. Too bad. These guys are half of Supergrass, who I do like. Check them out... they sound nothing like The Hot Rats.

Rischa said...

I didn't even listen to it because that's just blasphemous!

How could you not mention Brass Monkey? Don't you love that funky monkey as much as I do? It's the #1 BB song for me. Joel and I listened to it this very morning and shook our asses.