Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fill in the Blank

Today I love.....
I love you more than...... blackberry cobbler.
Buy it HERE.
What would yours say?


citymouse said...

I love you more than onions.

Great tee.

Anonymous said...

... ever.

Brooke said...

such a great t!!

I found your site through the indie biz class:D yay, new blogs to follow!!

Abi Porter said...

hello! I dont know how on earth i found your blog. but i'm glad i did!

I live in statesboro too. and craft and bake all day. and blog about it!

i never thought i'd meet someone here that was into vintage and thrifting, and going to hobby lobby constantly.. so i'm thrilled to know that it isnt just sorority girls in statesboro.

check out my blog if you want. and maybe we can go thrifting together some time.