Monday, March 1, 2010

She & Him

Today, I Love...

She= Zooey Deschanel
Him= M. Ward
She + Him= beautiful music.

I've loved Zooey since I first saw her in Almost Famous. I loved her a little bit more when I saw her sing Baby It's Cold Outside in Elf. And I've loved M. Ward since the first time I heard Poison Cup. So when they released an album together (Volume One, from 2008), I scooped it up and devoured it like it was cake and ice cream. And it pretty much was... it was that sweet.

Two years later, it's finally time for Volume Two and I can't wait to hear it. If the first two singles are any indication, it will be as fabulous and V1 was.
Download the first two singles here:

In the Sun

Or, just listen here and here.


rachel! said...

okay, i love your blog.
it's almost embarassing. (it is, actually)
and i'm so excited for their second album to come out! eek!

Brooke Ann Dove said...

I love love love She and Him and will being seeing them at SXSW in Austin! I love Zooey, she is too stinkin' cute!

yours truly dear said...

i love zooey and she & him. found your blog from club indie, very cool :]