Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New President, New Memories, New Drawing, New Dilemma, New Music.

New President:
I watched history happen today. How cool is that?

New Memories:
Kristen came to visit me this weekend. We made a platter of tuna salad on
Triscuits and rice krispie treats with homemade (pink!) marshmallows, watched the new episode of The L Word, watched like 6 episodes of Veronica Mars, giggled alot, and had a generally awesome time.

New Drawing:
This is the beginning sketch for my first project for my Drawing II class. I'm not a very good drawer, so I basically just try very hard to get the shapes and proportions right. Then I worry about the rest. This 9x12 sketch took me a few hours. The shape of a spoon is very difficult, apparently...

Sorry it's so light. The scanner had trouble getting it dark enough to see. It's done in a 2H pencil, so it's not very dark in real life, either. I'll post more pictures as it goes along. Hopefully I'll get most of the shading done in class tomorrow.

New Dilemma:
The lady from Epworth (where we're getting married) called Friday and very politely and apologetically told me that the room we wanted for the reception is booked and that we can't have it. Since it was the only room at Epworth that could accommodate our numbers, we have begun the search for other options. That means that we have also begun the search for catering options and a rental company for tables, chairs, and linens......
I am trying very hard not to turn into anything resembling the picture below.

New Music:
Little Joy.
I found these guys through Rachel at Bling on My Sewing Machine a while ago and am really digging them. Especially this song.

Goodnight, all.

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Rischa said...

I'm LMAO @ your Bridezilla image!!