Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Spoon Isn't Concave

So, here's my really terrible drawing. There are several things wrong with it. First of all, I'm not really good at drawing... so there's that. Second, I never know when to stop; I can't really tell when it's finished. Third, reflections and shiny metallic things are hard. Also, the shadows are wonky and the spoon doesn't really look concave.

I got an A in my first drawing class, but that was mostly for effort. I'm not very good at it, but I work pretty hard.... mostly because it frustrates me that I can sew/crochet/embroider my butt off, but I have trouble doodling stick people. Hope you enjoy viewing the fruit of my labor.

Speaking of crafty things, I've been working on something for the LDQ, but it isn't finished yet. So don't think I've abandoned my crafty pursuits. This is a big one that's taking a while, but I promise to share when I'm finished.

In other news, I have a new digital camera! I just got the huge box 'o' camera goodies my Dad sent me today. I can't wait to read the manual and figure out what aaaaaaaall the buttons do! You can count on pictures-a-plenty in the near future.

One last thing. I saw Seven Pounds today, and it was amazing. I cried.... alot. But since I'll cry over diaper commercials, that may not mean much. In any case it was very good and everybody should see it.

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Bibbi's Boggled Bloggle (say that three times fast) said...

Looks to me like you do good with drawing. I know what you mean with not knowing when a drawing or painting is finished. My art teacher said to look at it cross eyed and stop when you think it is 80%. I can just take my glasses off and it is the same as cross eyed to me but the 80%, I still don't know where it is. Again, I think you do good.