Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow in the 'Boro!

It hasn't happened since 1989. It has eluded us for over 20 years. But it happened last night....... Snow in the 'Boro! I should have posted these last night, since all the lovely snow has sadly melted away now. At least I now have fond memories of our esteemed campus tucked under a beautiful blanket of white.

Sweetheart Circle with my sweetheart:

Snowball fights:
Look! I'm in Narnia! (I thought myself quite clever when I said this right before the picture was taken).....Check my Flickr stream for more pictures. I didn't want to post them allllll here.


Jessica said...

Awwww, campus looked so beautiful!! Especially Sweetheart Circle!! It was great here but I wish I could have seen it there in person too! It looks awesome!

Adrianne said...

I absolutely LOVE your Narnia comment! You ARE quite clever! :)

Bibbi said...

Beautiful pictures and I want a close up of what you have on your feet....they look very interesting!?!? Happy Valentines Day...Love ya'll!