Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today I Love "Jolene."


The White Stripes:

Mindy Smith:

Allison Krauss:


citymouse said...

Very awesome. I love this song and actually watched each and every version. While I normally consider Jack White a musical god, I like his the least. I might have to go visit iTunes now. Thanks for a bright spot in an otherwise snowy day.

Dina Forehand said...

Umm. . . you should hear my version.

Jessica said...

Katie, I'm kind of surprised at you! Usually you're such a traditionalist! Okay, so you do know that Dolly's is the very best version, right? LOL!!! Tried and true Dolly all the way!

Katie said...

citymouse: I completely agree! I also like the non-live studio version of Jack's better than the one I posted. But alas, I couldn't find it on YT.

Dina: I'd love to. Come play for me. Pretty please?

Jess: What kind of person would I be if I loved anybody else's version of Jolene better than Dolly's?! OF COURSE hers is best, but alternate takes are always interesting. ;)