Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Christmas List

Every year, people ask me what I want for Christmas and/or my Birthday and I can never remember the things I want when they ask. So, this year I am making a list (and checkin' it twice). I'll leave my list here so that I can point people this way when they ask that inevitable question.

ETA: Look! I made a button that goes directly to this entry! Woo! ----->

In no particular order:

1. A pair of Chucks.... THIS pair of Chucks, in charcoal. I'd take black, too. Women's size 9.
EDIT: I gave these to myself shortly after Christmas. Yay.
2. The classic BBC version of The Chronicles of Narnia on DVD. I watched these (on VHS) as a kid any time I was home sick from school. These are much closer to my heart than the new Disneyfied version.
EDIT: Abbie got this for me and I was SO excited. I love the low-budget special effects.

3. Any of the new Doctor Who on DVD. I'm dying for these. Really, I am.

4. In that same vein, this shirt from ThinkGeek is pretty awesome. They also have a Dalek Voice Changer Helmet, but not even I am that geeky.

5. Any Battlestar Galactica on DVD. Apollo + Starbuck = a happy Katie.
EDIT: Got the first season from Chris for Christmas! Well, he ordered it for me, but it's been backordered for a while now.... hopefully it will come someday.

6. My geekiness knows no bounds. I already have Season 1, now I need Season 2 of Robot Chicken.
7. Finally! Some non-geek things! Any of the prints from The Black Apple would make me so fantastically happy. But here are a few I am particularly fond of:

8. My very own copy of Paula Deen's Just Desserts. I used Callie's copy many times while we were still at Marvin Ave, but now I need one of my own. Apple Butter Pumpkin Pies just don't bake themselves, you know.
EDIT: I got this from my aunt and uncle for my Birthday!

9. I would love to finally have my very own copy of one of the most important art history books ever written. Giorgio Vasari's Lives of the Artists. Really, I'm going to have to stop using the library's copy at some point.

10. Ooh! I love this pretty Peacoat from Old Navy.

11. Okay, this one's a little pricier, but I believe it's worth it. You can't put a pricetag on being found instead of lost. A Tomtom is just what I need.

12. A Chocolate Orange. I LOVE these. To me, the are Christmas. (Available at most grocery stores around the holidays.)

EDIT: Lydia gave me one of these randomly before my birthday.

13. I want want WANT this bag from American Eagle.

EDIT: Recieved this gorgeous bag from Chris for my birthday! 14. DOCTOR HORRIBLE! I want this horribly bad. Will be realeased Dec. 19.... now available for pre-order on Amazon.
EDIT: Again, I ordered this for myself, and it is awesome to the tenth power.15. Lydia found these beauties on Etsy. She said they need to be added to my collection. She is so very correct.
EDIT: From my Lydia! It was such a surprise. I love them. And Dr. Horrible.

16. Anything Elsie has ever made. Ever. Seriously, she's my craft crush right now. Loooooove her.

Check back later. I plan on adding lots more... I'm very materialistic that way.


Shelby said...

After reading your list, I now have things to add to MY list! I would like no 1 in any color too.. I definitely want no 2 (as do my kids).. and some of the others look intriguing too. Thanks for sharing the ideas!

Stacey said...

I usually use Amazon to make my wish list! I've got movies more than anything on my list that I want so badly. Plus a new camera! :D Hopefully Brett will take note of my list and get me some of the things on it!

Rischa said...

I see a few things on your list that could go on mine, too. Like those prints! Love those! I usually do a wish list on my blog, too. I think last year I just posted my Amazon link. Anyway, I hope you get everything on your list! I wish I was in Tignall celebrating Thanksgiving with you all today! I miss my family! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

BTW, I'll be watching Juno today with Joel. Can't wait after your rave review! Oh, and your favorite part of Sweeny Todd is my fave, too! It's SO funny and colorful!

Stacey said...

That's kind of crazy because I was roaming Wal-Mart and came across a chocolate orange! I took a picture of it with my phone and sent to Brett telling him that I expect to see it in my stocking for Christmas!! :P