Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!.... and Christmas?

Happy Halloween!
Well, technically it's 12:03 as I'm typing this, therefore it is no longer Halloween. So... Happy November 1! While I, myself did not make anything crafty this year, Lydia did. For her first embroidery project, she made a Halloween sampler. It's so cute I just couldn't resist posting a picture here. Sorry, Lydia!
(Sorry for the quality... cell phone picture.)
I'm sort of in love with the witch feet. So adorable. And the broom. And the tree... and all of it.

Lydia and I had some Jiffy Pop, made haystacks (chow mein noodles covered in melted butterscotch morsels), and watched Young Frankenstien (a Halloween tradition of mine) last night. It was a nice quiet Halloween. Just what I needed.

Even though I didn't make anything spooky, I did finish this while we were watching the movie:

It will be part of my "Long Distance Quilt." Have I mentioned that yet? I'm making a quilt with my Grandma through the mail. I'm sending embroidered pieces, embroidered covered buttons and scraps of fabric to my Mamaw through the mail. When we have enough (a loooong time from now), she's going to help me assemble them into a scrap quilt. I love the idea that even though I can't see her that often, I feel like we're making something together. It really is that little things in life......

Chris and I went to a wedding last weekend (one of my old roommates got married) that was on St. Simons at Epworth. It was exciting for three reasons:
1. (Obviously) I got to see one of my friends get hitched!
2. I got to spend time with Callie who was also there.
3. We had the opportunity to see how well Epworth functions for a wedding, since we are having ours there. Wait, have I mentioned that? As of right now, we're getting married on October 3 of next year at Epworth. (SO excited). It really does function well for a wedding. It was probably the prettiest wedding I've been to. The weather was perfect, the music was incredible, and it was just all-around lovely.

Also, while we were in Belk picking up a gift for the happy couple, I (of course) was browsing to get ideas for what we might register for. We have already decided that traditional is just not us.... we're not registering for fine china. We decided take the practical route and go for nice everyday dishes instead. BUT, then I saw something that made me rethink all that. Since our wedding is in the fall, and the perfect time for buying Christmas dishes, we might just register for Christmas china.
Aren't these gorgeous? That little red cardinal is calling my name. They're actually Paula Deen's ("Hey, y'all!") new line of Christmas dinnerware called "Home for the Holidays."
This pitcher is tugging on my heartstrings... hard.
I would love to lick a yummy Christmas dinner off of those beautiful hand painted dishes for mine and Chris' first Christmas. I can't wait to zap them with that little registering-pointy-gun scanner thing.

My mom is coming to visit me (YAY!) tomorrow, so I must go sleep so that I can get up and do the final bit of tidying before she gets here.

I will leave you with the trailer for my very favorite scary episode of Buffy. (Even though it's not technically a Halloween episode, this is the only one that ever really frightened me.)

Have a happy and spooky night, everybody!

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Rischa said...

Happy belated Halloween, Cuz! I love that movie, too. I can never resist watching it when it comes on cable.
I bet Mammaw really loves getting your beautiful fabric squares in the mail. That's going to be such a special quilt when y'all finish it. I can't wait to see it or pics of it. Your latest quilt square is really nice!
Have fun with your Mom tomorrow and tell her I said hello. I haven't seen her in ages. You either, actually! lol
Oh....the those! I was just telling my friend, Christa, today how much I love Cardinals! How weird, eh?