Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Movies, Music, and Makin' Stuff


I watched The Darjeeling Limited last night and was so pleasantly surprised. I liked it way more than I thought I would. It was quirky and understated and just fascinating to watch. I think I love Jason Schwartzman just a little bit. Go watch it... now.

But before you do, you should watch the sort-of-prequel short film Hotel Chevalier. You don't have to watch it to get the movie, but it adds a bit of insight into one of the characters.


I have found the perfect fall music. I blogged a bit about Jenny Lewis a while back. She has quickly become one of my favorites... and she is how I found the album I'm currently playing NONSTOP. You see, Jenny Lewis did an album with The Watson Twins, which I absolutely love. Jenny Lewis is good enough on her own, but the Watson Twins singing backup is just phenomenal.

So, I decided to look into The Watson Twins a bit more and came across their album, Fire Songs and fell head over heels in love. It is absolutely the perfect music for fall. Remember that song by The Cure, Just Like Heaven? They cover it in this album and it is so incredibly divine. If my iPod were a person and had feelings, it would be sick of that song by now. I seriously play it every time I get on the bus to go to campus.

Anyway, here's a sample of both CD's. Get one. Or both.

Makin' Stuff:

Yay! I made this today for my Long Distance Quilt. Found the pattern online... though I don't remember where. I love the contrast of the bold red with the icy blue. I think this is a favorite color combination.

I'm quite pleased at how quickly I'm making things for the quilt. I love that satisfied feeling I get when I slip one into the mailbox. This is shaping up to be a really fun project.

Happy Tuesday (and Election Day!) everybody.

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Shelby said...

My son loves those girls. Good music.