Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer > School; Input Device Envy

Woah... (she says in a Keanu Reeves-ish voice), classes start Monday. Where the hell did the summer go? I think the dryer ate it like it eats socks. Wait... I don't have a dryer. And for that matter, I don't usually wear socks.

So, let's talk about how bad I want THIS keyboard.

Honestly, it's probably just about the most awesome thing I've ever laid my eyes on. I want it. I want to have its little glowing babies. Guh...
But alas, it shall never be. The $200 price tag give me hives. (Also the fact that you have to order the number pad- that doesn't light up- separately for another $35.)

In other news, ex-roomie Jessica is coming to stay with me tomorrow night. We're planning a Whedon-athon. I've been thinking about my picks for the episodes of Buffy we'll watch for the last 3 days. Does that make me obsessed?
This will certainly be among the first chosen:

Ohh! Oooh! Also, I got my hair cut. It's rather short. Almost a bob. I'm very pleased. Much less Drain-o will have to be used on my shower drain now. (That's kinda gross, huh?)

Off to watch TV, then bed.

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Rischa said...

Let's see the hair cut!!! *chants* We Want Pic-tures! We Want Pic-tures!