Saturday, August 30, 2008

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1. Chris and I decided that the money for our Labor Day Excursion Extravaganza would be better spent as a beginning to the almighty "Wedding Fund." Therefore, I am at home in good ol' Statesboro this lovely Labor Day weekend.

2. Today was the first Georgia Southern football game. Not very surprisingly, we lost. It was totally expected, though... we were playing UGA. The final score was 45-21.... we put up a decent fight. Go Eagles.

3. I finally have my two tables set up in my room. One as a desk for my shmancy new computer, and one for crafting and art making. Unfortunately, my crafting table has been taken over by dirty dishes, big plastic bins I still need to unpack from the move, and the boxes all my computer stuff came in. I miss my sewing machine.

4. Speaking of things I miss, I miss my camera. I miss the darkroom. I miss the vinegar-y smell and the orange light and the dry hands and the cracked cuticles and the billions of prints I came home with at the end of the night.
I came across THIS today and am in awe. This girl's photos show an amazing talent and here's the thing- she's only 14. (jaws dropping) Shyeah... that's what I said. I'm totally jealous/inspired by somebody who's almost 10 years younger than me. Really, check out her stuff, it's so absolutely wonderful.

Have to go. Meeting Chris downstairs and I have to tweeze my rogue chin hair before I go. (Is that oversharing?)

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