Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pretty New Blog, Missing Chris, and New Crafts! (Oh My!)

Firstly, and most obviously, I finally gave my blog a much needed sprucing up. Much better than default settings. I may fiddle a little more, but for the most part, I think I'm happy.

Next, Chris is out of town this week. Where is he, you may ask? He's on vacation with his parents and sister... in PARIS. I know, I'm jealous too. Also, I miss him. I'm not usually the mushy type, but this is going to be the longest we've gone without talking to each other since we started dating..... 5 years ago. We've gone 3 months without seeing each other, but not talking is a whole other ballgame. We can email though... and we figured out a way to text (sort of). So, in order to help with the missing-Chris-blues, I made this page in one of my art journals. It's waaaay more scrap-bookey than I usually like, but it kept me occupied for half an hour.

Thirdly, I finished this a few weeks ago, but it took me a while to take a picture and post it.

The pattern is from HERE (I love her designs). As of right now, it's just on a piece of black fabric... I really have no idea what to do with it from here.

I think that's all for this one. Will post again soon... pinky-swear.

PS... I'm so in love with this right now. Listen to "When U Love Somebody."
" When U love somebody and bite your tongue all you get is a mouthful of blood"

1 comment:

Rischa said...

Hey Cuz,

Awesome work on that flower!! I don't have the patience for things like that, so it looks quite impressive to me.

Your blog looks great! Very colorful header! I need to do the same with both of my blogs. I still have the default on the blogspot one and the Typepad one has been the same for years.

I'm sorry you'll be lonely without Chris. You should have hidden in his luggage. :-P How great would it be to see Paris?!!