Monday, July 28, 2008

My 4 Favorite Things

Chris is still in Paris, so I'm still bored. You (who are reading my blog) must suffer.

These are my 4 favorite things in my living room right now... and I only paid for one of them!

1. This lamp was on my grandma's back porch for years. It's a big tension rod that goes from floor to ceiling. It's very cool. It used to be a gold(ish) color, but after a good scrubbing and a can of white spray paint, it's looking much better. And now that I've rewired the whole thing, all three of the lights work. Hooray!
Total $ spent: about $30 for spray paint and electrical stuff to rewire.

2. This is the heart that I embroidered. I blogged about it a while ago. It took a very long time. The frame came from my other Grandma's barn. Again, with the help of a little spray paint that I found under the sink in the Marvin House before I moved, it's practically brand new.
Total $ spent: $0.30 for the embroidery floss.

3. This little beauty I also got out of my Grandma's barn. He was just sitting there, all covered in dust and dirt and full of leaves and muck. Really, who wouldn't love a crazy evil-eyed owl umbrella holder? Well, most people probably wouldn't, but I did! I loved him instantly and brought him home and cleaned him in the bathtub and now he watches over my umbrellas. He's very protective that way.
Total $ spent: $0.

4. Now, this is Kong-in-a-thong. I actually did pay for this guy. But he was so totally worth it. I forgot I had him for years. He stayed in my china cabinet, just sitting there, waiting to be loved. Now he's getting the love and appreciation he deserves. I don't believe they make this particular model anymore, but I got him here: David & Goliath. All they have now is the Bear-in-Underwear version. They used to have Goat-in-a-Trenchcoat and Llama-in-Pajamas.
Total $ spent: more than I care to admit.

So there. Those are currently my 4 favorite things in my living room.

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Rischa said...

Hey Katie, I hope you're having a good weekend and have your man back in town so you're not lonely any more.
That owl is too cool! Good for you for giving him a bath and the admiration he deserves. *laughing* Looks like he needs some lovin with that scowl on his face.