Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 8th of July!

Well, I missed the 4th, so Happy 8th of July! Today isn't America's birthday, but it does happen to be Kevin Bacon's birthday.... so Happy Birthday, Kevin Bacon!

We went to Jasper this weekend, which was fun.... but long. Emily got home from Spain (she brought me back the prettiest blue scarf you've ever seen). We went to a church 4th of July picnic and then church Sunday morning. There was no shortage of nice-to-meet-you's or handshakes. There was also a bit of awkwardness. But overall it was a successful weekend. I must say I'm glad to be home.... even though I still have a leaky toilet and no TV or internet. Hopefully the toilet situation will be fixed this week and the cable/internet next week.

Apologies on the continuing lack of pictures of the new apartment, but I keep forgetting. It's difficult to remember things when you're on somebody else's computer. Or if you're Katie.

I can't really think of anything else that's happened that's even remotely interesting..... so............
The end.

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Rischa said...

Hey Cuz, you have a new cyber-stalker! *laughing* It's Rischa....member me? Your long lost Florida Cuz? I made a MySpace page...don't ask me why 'cause I don't like MS and will probably stick with my other 2 blogs. Anyway, I did a search for people that went to WWCHS and found....guess who! And you wanna know what's hilarious! We had put the same Hero in our MS pages. Too funn, eh? Well, I guess it's not that funny because we both know how awesome she is. She's made many appearances on my oldest blog in the form of photos and memorable stories. Okay, before this book gets any longer....just wanted to leave you some comment love. Drop by my MAIN blog if you want. www.rischa.typepad.com or the blogspot one if you want. www.artist-haven.blogspot.com (I don't think the MS thing will stick as it's more difficult than necessary.)

Yer Cuz

PS Tell my favorite uncle I said hello!