Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dr. Horrible: It's alive!

As of today, only the first two acts are available (the third will be up on the 19th), but it's well worth a watch. But act now, as they will only be available to view for free until the 20th! They are also available on iTunes (for a fee).

But how good is it, you ask? The first act crashed the server in its first couple of hours and it's the #1 video on iTunes. And really, it's Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, and Nathan Fillion, could it be bad? I think not.

Seriously now, it is imperative to your health that you go, as fast as you can, and see Dr. Horrible. Really now, GO!

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Rischa said...

Watched them....loved them! So funny! Well, I watched the first one and downloaded the other 2 to watch tomorrow since I need to be in bed already. (must stop Blog-Hopping before bed) NPH is such a cutie! I've had a little crush on him since his Doogy Days.