Monday, July 14, 2008

22b: Pictures of My New Apartment

I have a new apartment. I took pictures. These are pictures. Lots of pictures. Enjoy.
(Click on any picture to enlarge!)

My front door. Oddly enough, there's no 22a.

Head to the right and there's the bedroom. The shiny thing next to my bed is my Marvin Ave. street sign that I haven't found the time (motivation) to put up yet.

From a different angle. You can see the bathroom... and my TV. I do actually have a window... I just didn't take a picture of it. It's behind me.

Better picture of the bathroom. Yes, I know... it has carpet. Eew. That will be remedied as soon as I have money to buy some of those peel-and-stick tiles. Also, it has the ugliest wallpaper known to man.... well, second ugliest. You haven't seen the kitchen yet. But hey, look at the cute jungle animals on my shower curtain.

Exit the bedroom and go through the hallway and there's the living room. Check out my awesome picture wall on the way. Yes, that is, in fact, Torso Tammy hanging amongst the pictures of my loved ones.

Walking into the living room. Check out my super-cool owl umbrella holder (bottom left) that I found in my grandma's barn.

Living room! It's the room where I do most of my living. Take note of the following:
1. My embroidered heart above the couch. That took several thousands of hours worth of work.
2. Kong in a Thong on the couch. I forgot I had him until I moved! Now he's one of my favorite things again.
3. My really awesome pillow on the couch.
4. My wall. Now I have all my favorite girls right in my living room with me. It's not creepy. It's art.
5. The greatest lamp that ever happened. It's one big tension rod... with lights on it!

View of the other side of the living room. Fun things to notice:
1. Ex-roomie Christie's old dresser as microwave cart. It's missing a handle.
2. China cabinet with picnic basket on top. How old am I again?
3. Why yes, that is an awesome Buffy OMWF poster above the tv. Thank you for noticing.
4. Really ugly bookcase. Really great books. And one of my action figures (bottom shelf). I haven't found the right place to put up the others yet.

Window. Paper lantern. Chair. Etc.

Another picture of the living room. I know, I know... nobody really cares that much.

My cave kitchen. Really. That's it. It's not a joke... well... maybe a little one.

It's about 3 feet wide... and 5 feet deep. No dishwasher. No garbage disposal. No ice maker. No real counter space. But I do enjoy telling people that I have the ugliest wallpaper ever. And you can't even see the vegetable conga line border at the top. Seriously bad. And the oven? Made during the Korean war. I'm sure of it.

And lastly, my glorious view of the self-storage units across the street. If you look carefully, you can see the tracks where the very loud train passes several times a day. And beyond that, the yellowish building is El Sombrero, the best Mexican food in the universe. Seriously prime real estate I have here.

Thanks for visiting. Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

But really, call first, 'kay?

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Rischa said...

Very cool new place! Love the pillows and the photo wall! And the wallpaper just adds character, btw. ;-) Hey, you should see the cabinets in our house....they aren't even the same color!

PS Great job on the buttons.