Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Humpday Listday: Excited For Fall

Here are 9 things that make me excited for fall. This list may seem like it's a bit late, but the first item on the list should clarify why it doesn't feel like fall here yet.

1. Cooler weather. It's still getting into the mid 80's here in good ol' Statesboro. I'd like for that to stop soon.
2. Going to the Fair and eating pancakes 'n' sausage, deep fried Twinkies, and cotton candy 'till I barf. (Heads up, the fair is in town this week, so this is probably happening tonight.)
3. Making a new wreath for our front door that borrows heavily from this very pretty one.
4. Young Frankenstein and Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween. It's a tradition.
5. V For Vendetta on November 5th. It's also a tradition. But this one has "V" cookies.
7. Breaking out the scarves that have been imprisoned in my closet and/or bottom dresser drawer for 9 months.
8. Thanksgiving with the fam. Mostly for my grandma's famously delicious Pumpkin Roll.
9. *whispering in a bad English accent* Harrrrry Potterrrrrrrrr! Is there a geek alive that isn't excited about Deathly Hallows?? Probably not.

Is it fall yet where you live?

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citymouse said...

It is definitely fall here in Maryland. Temps are about 60 and it;s been gray and rainy the past day or two.

As for Harry Potter, my husband is both excited and dreading the next installment. He thinks it's cruel to only do half the book this time around and make everyone wait 8 months for the second half.