Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Camp Meeting

This year was my first year going to Camp Meeting with Chris' family. It's a Hucks tradition passed down through Chris' Mom's family. I'll admit I was very nervous before we got there, because I didn't really understand what exactly it was. I'll try to describe it for you.....

It's really quite difficult to tell somebody else what exactly Camp Meeting is. We talked all weekend about how to describe it to other people. This particular Camp Meeting is in Denver, North Carolina at Rock Springs Campgrounds. There are 3 rings of tents all around the central arbor and the 'thing to do' is to walk around the circle holding hands with your sweetheart. There are worship services held several times a day at the arbor and people are free to come and go as they please. The tents are not movable canvas type things, but permanent structures made of wood. You share walls with the tent next door, like rows of townhouses. Most tents have been owned by families for a long time. The Hucks' tent (Chris' mother's family) has been in the family for 50 years. They're two stories, like townhouse-type shacks. There is power and water, but of course no air conditioning or hot water. Ours has a teeny-tiny bathroom under the stairs. It's really a sink and toilet under the stairs separated from the downstairs bedroom by a sheet. All the rooms are separated by sheets. Upstairs is one large bedroom area with a little shower room that was added a few years ago. It has a tin roof that makes it difficult to sleep when it's raining really hard like it did on Saturday night. Camp Meeting lasts for 3 weeks and some people leave their houses and move into their tents for that time. Some live locally and don't sleep there are all, they just come for the festivities at night. I'm not sure Camp Meeting is something that can really be described without seeing it for yourself. Here are some pictures:

Tent 135. It's been in the Hucks family for 50 years. I felt incredibly lucky to be a part of such a long and strong tradition. I had a blast and can't wait to do it again next year!Our tent. No air conditioning, but we have a toilet and a shower. And an awesome swing built by Chris' uncle Jimmy.

This is the kitchen..... ham biscuits are apparently a Camp Meeting tradition. Emily approves!

Chris' mom is the undisputed Queen of paddleball in the Hucks/Wilson family.

The entire family. We were only missing cousin Jenny, who was out of town for work.

We made chocolate ice cream.

This is Heck (yes, Heck.) and Mary. They were friends of Chris' grandparents and still have the tent across from the Hucks. They're like part of the family, too.

Having a little fun down by the arbor.

Emily and I had a little impromptu photo shoot. It's so much fun having a sister!

This is the silliness I married into. I'm a lucky girl.

Aren't Chris' parents the cutest ever?!

Total Christmas card material. Amazing.

So that's Camp Meeting. If you ever get an opportunity to go to one, wherever it may be, you should go. It's like summer camp for whole families. And it's so so so much fun!

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