Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Wedding Weekend, Part II

The Rehearsal Dinner

Be advised- This post is super image heavy. You can click on any of the photos to make them bigger.

All photos were taken by our wonderful friend Robert Wigington and edited by me. Robert has a blog, too. You should check it out.


So. We got married under a huge old cedar tree completely covered in Spanish moss. Overlooking the river. A more perfect and beautiful place there is not. I promise. We looked all over Georgia.

This is our tree. With our friends and family gathering under it.

The cross of the gazebo was just visible over the minister's head through the trees. You'll get to see a picture of that... I promise.

My Dad, the constant photographer. I really love this picture of him. I think it may be my very favorite.

The Hubs. I think this was before I came out. I accidentally left my engagement ring in my room (oops!) and was a teensy bit late for the rehearsal. Horrible, I know.

Loooook at my tights. I'm pretty obsessed with them. I really love this picture. Those are Callie's hot legs on the left, BTW.

The whoooole wedding party. And pretty much our favorite people in the world.


My lovely, wonderful, beautiful bridesmaids.
Lovely Lane Chapel. Probably the prettiest little white chapel in the whole universe. I haven't actually seen them all, but I don't know how any could compare. This was our in-case-of-inclement-weather plan.

Not a bad plan, eh?
The inside is just as beautiful as the outside. Gorgeous wood everywhere.

Photoshopped nearly to death, but I really like it anyway. I think I may have a little addiction to Photoshop.

Speaking of addictions, the moustaches are probably in half of our pictures.

The toilet paper roll bouquet was from the bachelorette party the night before.

Wow. People are probably going to start thinking I really have a huge black moustache.

The head table at dinner in the Ellie Harvey Room. Chris' parents worked SO hard on the Rehearsal dinner and it was so lovely. My Aunt Kathie arranged the flowers... she's like the Yoda of flower arrangin'. Seriously.

One of my favorite games of the weekend was to put random people together and see how the interacted. College friends + high school friends + family = a very strange feeling.

More friends!

Some of Chris' family and some of my second family, The Berry's (Abbie's family).

I really like this picture of my dad and me. I also like that I have a hair tie around my wrist. Nice.

I'm not gonna lie here. This picture is probably of me telling them how awesome it is that my dress had pockets. Kristen doesn't seem impressed.

My aunt Linda (who I call Nina). Her hugs are the best.

And the obligatory feet picture. But seriously. This one is really, really good. (And look at my gold shoes!)

A huuuuuuuge thank you to Robert for agreeing to take pictures kinda last minute. He was a champ and these are pictures that we'll treasure for the rest of our lives.

We still have yet to receive our professional pictures from the actual "Big Day", but we're working on it. Soon, soon, soon!! In the meantime, I may put together a small post on some other wedding-related details like flowers, stationery, etc. And there will certainly be a few pictures of getting ready the day of. Mimosas may have been involved.

Also, if you were at the Rehearsal Dinner and didn't see a picture that you'd like to, (such as one of yourself/your family) let me know and I'll get it to you somehow. Robert took lots and these are just a small sampling.

Aaaannndd... Good night.

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