Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Needle, Joetta Maue

I've been crocheting alot recently. I tend to do that. I tend to get into one craft and stay in its little bubble for a while. With fall comes the need for cozy crocheted hats and scarves. Summer is a more appropriate time for embroidery. But sometimes, that logic doesn't work and I just need to put a needle in fabric.

Things like the new NEEDLE Magazine make the need even worse. Needle is a new online (and FREE!) magazine entirely focused on embroidery. It's magical to see what people can do with a needle and thread.You should check it out even if you're not in to needlework. The artistry alone is enough.

One of the articles featured an artist named Joetta Maue. Her work is so incredibly inspiring.

It makes me want to go to Hobby Lobby likerightnow and buy more floss and new needles (even though I just bought some) and get to work. I'm actually starting to toy around with the idea of a big-ish embroidery/fiber arts project. We'll just wait and see how that goes... I don't want to give anything away because it would most likely be a gift.

For now, have a pleasant Wednesday night.

PS... Our Wedding Weekend Part II is coming up very sooooon!

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