Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Wedding Weekend, Part 1

I'm doing this in stages for several reasons. For one, it would be a very long post if I tried to smash the whole weekend into one. Second, we don't have any of the professional pictures yet, soooo... I kinda want to wait on "day of" pictures. Here are some pictures of the weekend leading up to the wedding. About half of these were taken by Callie or Emily and then stolen from Facebook. The others are by me/from my camera. Enjoy!

The Bachelorette Party

Friday night, the girls took over the Wilson condo and threw me the funnest Bachelorette Party ever. It was super low-key with movies, wine, an ice-cream bar and the girls that mean the most to me in the whole world.

Presents and balloons! Yes!

Kristen gave me a set of nesting doll measuring cups from Anthropologie that I've been wanting for the looooongest time. Kristen truly gives the best gifts.

Clearly, she and Alissa together also make the best toilet paper dresses.

This is the first appearance of the now-infamous moustaches. I made 20 of them and they will pop up again and again. They seemed to be a big hit all weekend.

We also watched Mamma Mia! and strung paper cranes onto fishing line for the ceremony.


To sum up: it was the most perfect bachelorette party ever. And I couldn't ask for better friends.

The Bridesmaid's Luncheon

Saturday morning we got up, Abbie and I went for mani/pedi's, then we met the other girls and both Moms at Barbara Jean's down at the village for lunch.

I wrote each bridesmaid a letter, explaining to them why they're awesome and thanking them for it. Then they opened presents.....

I realize now that I got a good shot of the jewelry, but no pictures of the actual gift, which was this small silver heart box with each of their names engraved on the inside.

After a very tasty lunch, we ordered a bowl of Barbara Jean's famous "Chocolate Stuff" to split among the seven of us.

Left to right: Lydia (my MOH), Mrs. Pam (my mom-in-law), my Mom, Callie, Emily, me, and Abbie.

Stay tuned for more wedding pictures. Next up is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, but don't be surprised if I throw a few regular posts between all this wedding stuff.

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