Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Made This For You

Now that she's received it in the mail, I thought I'd share this little Halloween pin I made for Lydia last week. In advance, pleaseeeee excuse the really terrible cell phone photos. I was way too lazy to bring out "the big guns" tonight.

I love love love making things for Lydia since she appreciates the crafty stuff more than most. And these little pins are super easy, super quick and super fun to make. The pattern for the little bat is Badbird and can be found HERE. I may or may not currently be working on a dinosaur pin....

I've been working on several cute things lately. It's finally getting sporadically chilly in S'boro so you know what that means.... crocheting season for me! Again, really sorry for the bad cell phone pictures... I should be ashamed. Better ones to come, pinky promise.

This is my current favorite color combo. Yellow (in almost any shade) and white. And granny squares are always one of my favorites.

This one is for Kristen, who needed a replacement scarf in the hat, scarf, mittens set I made her last year. I used two strands of variegated yarn at a time, with a big size K hook to make it super chunky.

Wow. This is a really terrible picture of a really cute scarf. I used Vanna's Choice yarn for this one (yes, THAT Vanna) and I really liked it. It's soft and easy-peasy to work with. I used it in mustard, chocolate brown, a nice lavender and the most perfect pumpkin color. I realized after that it really looks like Reece's Pieces with purple thrown in.

Again, a really really bad picture. This is one I'm slowly working on in heather gray and heather charcoal. I'm planning on a really simple, kinda masculine stripe. I'm also thinking that I may pull all of this out and start over. Who knows.

And lastly, today I'm listening to....

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