Monday, April 6, 2009

My Heart on the Feeling Stitchy Blog!

If you didn't hear via Twitter, Facebook, or me texting you like it was the biggest deal in the world, my heart was posted to the Feeling Stitchy blog last week!

The funny part is how I found out. I'm a huge fan of the blog. It's in my list of blogs in Google Reader and I noticed there was a new post. I clicked, and my heart was just there on the screen. At first, I thought "Hey! That looks just like my heart! Cool!" Then I thought "Hey! That looks just like my heart. Somebody stole it! Not cool!" Then I figured it out. I posted it to the Feeling Stitchy Flickr pool, and a few days later.... there it was!

So now you know. I'm internet-craft-blog-famous. Jealous?

And now my head can deflate back down to normal size. Thanks for humoring me.

1 comment:

Rischa said...

Congratulations!! That's soooo incredibly cool! I'd be telling everyone, too. lol I missed it on Twitter, FB, and you've never texted me, so....boohooo. lol j/k Might help if you actually had my number, eh?