Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter, Twitter v. Blog, Craft-tastic!

First of all, let me wish everybody a Happy Easter!
The above is a little something I stitched from yet another Elsie pattern. It was meant to be a brooch for Lydia, but I just never got around to putting the pin back on it and giving it to her. Oh well, maybe she won't mind a bunny pin even though it's not Easter anymore. Bunnies are cute year-round!

Now, I need to address an issue that has become more and more troublesome over the last few weeks. Twitter v. Blog.

I love my blog. I really, really do. I can post pretty pictures, and get things off my chest that the 140 character limit of Twitter doesn't allow me to do. But, Twitter is just so eeeeeeasy. I can even do it from my phone. And, when I update Twitter, my Facebook status is automatically updated. What more could a geeky girl ask for? So you see, I am in a dilemma. Twitter = rock; blog = hard place.

I thought long and hard about this problem and have come up with a compromise of sorts:

I promise you, dear blog, that I will not let Twitter ruin our relationship. I will blog, and not just Twitter. I will post those pictures, and I will write about my day (given something interesting happens). And I will love you blog, above all other social networking web tools (yes, even more than Facebook, MySpace and Flickr.) I will write a new post at least once every week. I will not abandon you.

And to you, my new friend Twitter, I will use you whenever I need to say something and have no other device handy but my phone. You are wonderful, but you will not be a substitute for real blogging. I will use you, but just know that you can never take the place of blogging.

And now, the most disturbingly awesome video currently on YouTube. Watch it all the way to the end. You won't be sorry.... well, you might be a little sorry.


Rischa said...

Work through the paaaaain
Work through the paaaaain....

Hehe....I loved that video! That chick in the gold pants...awesome dance moves! Hehehe

Twitter....It's my addiction. My poor, poor, neglected blogs. :-( You MUST Twitter with me, though! Must! Don't fight it! Muhahaha


Bibbi's Boggled Bloggle (say that three times fast) said...

I have been tempted to Twitter but trying to stay strong and kick my addiction to all these social networking sites. I love connecting with the people but I spend way to much time on the computer while neglecting necessary things in my day. I have gotten like you and Rischa, I stay up way to late, BUT I still have to get up at 5 am....not good for the body and brain because it stays asleep when I get up. lol

Good luck with your choices!