Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear Blog,

It's been too long. I know we've both been busy, but we really should try to get together more often. I miss you.


So, we're less than a week away from the big day. Are you getting nervous? I am. We're sooooo close but I feel like we still have miles to go.

I spent three days last week with Chris' Mom on St. Simons working on wedding stuff. We learned on Tuesday that our ceremony site was kinda double booked. We're doing it outside, so we ended up scooting over a bit. The new site is under a huge old cedar tree by the river with Spanish moss hanging down above us and shading the whole area. I was disappointed at first that we had to move, but now I can see that it was meant to be this way all along.

Everything else seems to be coming together too. I'm leaving Statesboro to go down to the island on Wednesday and will spend Thursday and Friday getting the rest of the little things done, then Friday night my girls are throwing me a bachelorette party. Saturday we have the Bridesmaid's luncheon and then the rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner. Then Sunday is the big day!

I'm so excited about all of it. Aside from the obvious reasons, I'm exciting to get spend some time with family I only see once or twice a year and some friends I haven't seen nearly enough in the last few years.

Okay, going for now. I need to admire my brand-spankin'-new haircut in the mirror for a while. Also, I need to go take the tooth whitening thingys out of my mouth....

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