Monday, August 31, 2009


Yeah, I've been MIA for a while now. I think real life stuff has gotten in the way of blogging.

First, I had my first bridal shower before the wedding a few weekends ago. Man, was that fun/exciting/tiring/overwhelming! I'm not exactly the best at being the center of attention so it was a bit awkward for me, but it was fun nonetheless. We got lots of fun stuff (three waffle makers!) and it was nice to see people from Tignall (where I grew up) that I hadn't seen in years. I still haven't gotten the Thank You notes done! Oh dear!

I also got the cuuuutest dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner that same weekend. It's hanging on the closet door now, staring at me. I think it's taunting me that I can't wear it until October. Click the link, but I'm not telling what color. I think some things should be a surprise.

I've also been working on these guys: I now have a very large family of paper cranes.

This was another little side project I did. I have two of these gray shirts and decided to make one a little more fun.

And then there's this guy that I'm working on. I think he's destined to be a throw pillow. The pattern is from BadBird (always a good source of wonderfully cute patterns!). It's the freebie from June. I'm particularly proud of the satin stitch on the eyes. I used this Jenny Hart satin stitch tutorial to make the best and most even satin stitches ever. I love the padded satin stitch. It adds a lovely dimension to the stitches.

Aaaaaannd, I got this sweet little frame in the mail today from one of my favorite etsy shops, PonyParty. Some of the cutest vintage treasures you'll find.... seriously. I'm thinking this one's destined to be spray painted (no idea what color!) and made a part of a photo wall above our couch.

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