Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Getting My Crap Together....

So, I went to talk to my adviser today (when I was supposed to be in my Intro Anthropology class, shame on me!) about classes for the summer and next year. It was my first official advisement as an Art History major. How exciting. To make a long story short, I'm now an Art History major, Anthropology minor who will be nearly fluent in some type of foreign language. Spanish is the obvious choice, and since I have already had the first Spanish, I planned on doing that. I told my adviser this. She suggested that since I'm not that far into Spanish, I should really think about either French or German. Apparently German is the "language of art history." Well, I thought about this and decided to go for French. I'll have to take 4 classes total. If I take one this summer, one in the Fall, one next Spring, and one next summer, I'll be done. The only drawback is that I'd be here in Hell (Statesboro) over the summer next year. But, here's the thing: I'll have a 12 month lease anyway.
Basically, next year I'll really only have one or two art classes at all. It will be mostly French and Anthropology. The only real art class I'll have is my Senior Art History Thesis (scary!).

I just realized that nobody in the world cares about me getting advised. And that it's almost time for 20th Century Art... and we're doing Dada/Surrealism today. Whee!

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