Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bobo Gets a New Onesie

Callie was donating some old clothes to Goodwill, when Kristen spotted a long sleeved "Life is Good" shirt. She decided that I had to make a pillow out of it.

(This picture = crappy)

Then, she decided that her bear, Bobo needed an outfit (he was quite naked before). So after an hour and a half and nearly pulling my hair out over the sleeves, then deciding that it was for a bear, not an actual person, this happened:

Bobo is the best-dressed bear in town. And I'd put money on that. I pinky-promise I'll put a picture of the back up as soon as I get a picture of it, as the back (Bobo's tail sticking out of the onesie) is the cutest part of the whole ensemble.

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