Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm a list maker. I think I got it from my mother. She makes lists. Grocery lists, things to do... I remember her once making a list of back-to-school clothes that I needed before a trip to the mall.

I love the way a list looks. I love the way it feels to cross something of a to-do list. I love the way it feels to look at a list of things you've done or things you love. Writing down goals makes them more reachable, more tangible. Writing down memories makes them fade slower.

I have an entire notebook full of lists from wedding planning. Lists of people, times, phone numbers, vendors, flowers, groups of people for pictures, songs for the reception, things to take, things to remember, things to do .... it all got a bit ridiculous.

List making helps me blog quite often. When I'm at a loss for anything else to say, I think of a list of things. 10 things I think are pretty. 5 songs I love right now. 25 things to do before I turn 26. 10 things you don't know about me. See, I'm listing right now!

That's why Listography is awesome. You can make lists! Tons of lists! And they're all stored there, safe and sound. And if you're stumped about what to make a list of, there's a list topic generator!

So now that I've told you all about a place to make and keep your lists, I should share one, right?

15 Things I Do at Work (That Aren't Working)

1. facebook
2. tweet that I'm bored
3. watch youtube videos
4. crochet scarves
5. text family and friends
6. try to make the perfect station on Pandora
7. send Chris emails with links to silly articles
8. crossword puzzles
9. get up to date on blogs on Google Reader
10. read really bad fanfiction
11. put pieces of tape on my arm to see how much dead skin comes off
12. stare out the window
13. post blog entries
14. read 26 pages on
15. make this list

What do you list?


citymouse said...

I love lists and will even add to a current list if I think about something I've done that should have been on the list to begin with. Then I take double pleasure in crossing it off!

PS: Your job is way cooler than mine.

Jessica said...

I completely agree about lists. They ARE wonderful!! Great minds think alike!