Monday, June 29, 2009

10 Things I Love RIGHT NOW!

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1. The new freebie embroidery pattern from BadBird. Have you ever seen a cuter giant lizard?

2. Incognito wedding pictures! (Note to self: acquire fake moustaches before October...)

3. These hand-dyed lace earrings from White Owl at Etsy. Soooo pretty.

4. This "man-broidery." I'm dying to get some toile and do this now.

5. These arrow earrings. I've had these in my Etsy favorites for a loooong time. (The same shop has tiny little hammer earrings, too.)

6. Mysterious Letters. These two people sent a personal and unique letter to all 467 households in the Irish village of Cushendall, even if they knew nothing but the address, a letter was sent all the same. It makes you think about how a letter from a complete stranger could brighten someone's day.... and how much fun it might be to write a "mysterious letter."

7. HARRY POTTER! I'm trying so hard to re-read all 7 before HP & the Half Blood Prince comes out July 15th (for which I already have a date with Jessica). I'm halfway through the third one now.

8. This crazy, crazy show. It's insane and most certainly not for children, but it hooks you and you can't stop watching.
9. Covers of old songs when the covers are really, really well done.
Ryan Adams - Wonderwall
The Watson Twins - Just Like Heaven
Iron & Wine - Love Vigilantes

10. Jenny Lewis! Lydia and I have tickets to see her in Athens on Wednesday night. I can't wait!

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Rischa said...

Re: Your TB comments on my blog

Oh yeah, I saw the scratches on new girl's back. I wonder how she's going to tie in with the half man, beast thing! Not everyone can run to Fangtasia to have a tiny witch-doctor and vamps fix you up, so I wonder how she survived? Did she turn into that thing? Is she in love with that thing? Is she going to give Sam rabies? *screams* Can you believe they're making us wait 2 weeks for the next one? I also wondered if Pig Lady is really that thing, but I'm going to stop now before I take up your whole comments section with my crazy TB stuff. Haha! How funny is it that we both blogged about TB last night!