Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Happy Friday!

I know, shame on me. I usually don't go a full week without a post, but I guess I've been busy.

Jessica came to visit last weekend and we definitely geeked out the whoooooole time. There was talk of crafting, books, Buffy and other TV shows, and cooking. (Oh my!)
We made the most amazingly delicious Pumpkin Cranberry Bread (according to this recipe).

We also had banana nut pancakes for breakfast.... er.... lunch Saturday. That isn't really a recipe, so much as me adding mashed banana and pecans to a bisquick mix, but they were delicious anyway.

We also fiiiiiinally exchanged Christmas gifts. I made her one of my oh-so-handy crochet hook caddys.

And she made me this.

You're probably confused. It's a Tardis iPod case made from plastic canvas and yarn. There's even a little place for my earphones in the top. Don't know what a Tardis is? Go here. In any case, it's amazingly cute and I love it.

I also finished my first drawing project and turned it in this week. Now we're on to another. I'll post pictures as soon as I have a little more done.

And now I'll leave you with the funniest video ever. Somebody posted this on Facebook tonight and I almost peed my pants laughing at it.

Happy Pre-Valentine's Day!


Dina Forehand said...

the video of Gladys is one of my favorites, too. . . did you watch the other ones of her on Ellen?

Bibbi's Boggled Bloggle (say that three times fast) said...

The video was so cute. If you get some more, send them to me, please. I loved it! The innocence of the mature people.

Rischa said...

OMG...that was SO funny!! I watch Ellen when I can, but I missed that one! Holy crap that was funny!

"I love Jesus, but I drink a little" *still laughing at that*