Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Playing Catch Up (not Ketchup... that would be weird.)

It's been over a week since I updated this thing! Shame on me.
Actually, that just means that I have lots to talk about now. I'll use the trusty "numbered list" method :

(in no particular order...)
1. My air conditioner is fixed! Hooray! I know how you worry about me, dear readers (reader?). I am now comfortably cool.

2. Chris and I went to St. Simons this past weekend. Many wedding plans were made. We (pretty much) nailed down the place, the date and the time. I finally feel like we're in a good place with all of it. We even found fab invitations that we love (from this website.) I'm all of a sudden turning into a super-girly wedding-planning machine! It probably won't stick.

3. In other wedding news, last weekend when I went to Augusta to try on bridesmaid dresses for Lydia's wedding (she picked really pretty ones), I ended up trying on a few wedding dresses (with a little push from Lydia). I felt like a little kid dressing up in clothes too grown up for her. It was probably one of the most surreal experiences of my life. Also, it was sort of like trying on prom dresses... except they were all white.... and much more expensive.

4. Hobby Lobby openend in Statesboro! I don't have to go to Augusta/Savannah or order embroidery floss (and every other craft supply) online anymore! It's so nice that our dinky little town is growing. It'll be a real city someday.

5. I am completely enamored with this album:

Here's a taste:

6. I saw this movie last week. It was precious.

I sincerely thought I had more to write about, but when it comes down to it, I guess I don't. Oh well. Have a good week, everybody.

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Rischa said...

Oh good....you're not melting any more! lol I was worried. ;-)

I'm glad you're getting into the wedding planning thing. I never could, really. I just wanted to go to Vegas and do something crazy. I wish I had enjoyed it more. I can't wait to see the dress you choose. You'll be a beautiful bride. Don't forget to get Mammaw to dance. She did at my wedding and your dad got an awesome photo of it. You're in the photo, btw.

I'm SO envious of your Hobby Lobby! We don't have one of those. We have 2 JoAnn's nearby and there's a Michaels or 3, but the closest is a half hour away. I hear HL has great classes!

That movie looks SO cute! I want to see it now.